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How do you show up?

catlionWith the hectic pace of life in the corporate world at the moment, people are zooming through each day with their focus on completing tasks on the todo list.

Have you ever taken a moment to stop and think and reflect on your interactions with others as you go through each day. Does your haste to get an update on a project or sales pipeline etc show up to others as dismissive, impatient ?

One of my favourite quotes is by Maya Angelou – People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel!

I always find it fascinating that you can meet someone for the first time and you instantly click, it’s as if you’ve known each other forever and some other people that you know for a very long time yet you never seem to see eye to eye on anything!

What is at play here is the dynamic of different personality types. In business and life in general – it is essential that we have a high level awareness of others in order to build productive relationships and have clarity of communication.

There are a number of different personality types – How we take information into our brain, how we make decisions and how we respond to others can be very different. There are also quite a number of tools – we prefer to use the Clarity4d as it represents personality types in colour, which is very visual and easy to remember.


This is also very relevant as you build out teams and develop new roles – Do you take into consideration the personality preferences for each individual – is it a match for the role? Are they playing to their strengths?

At Foresight, we would recommend the following approach to developing your team to be more effective, which leads to faster decision making, and more effective communications.

Increased Awareness

Be aware of your own personality type – how do you show up under pressure? Do you make decisions based on thinking or feeling? Complete personality profiles for yourself and your team. This will provide a valuable insight into the team dynamic.

Adjust your Style

You have many different communications styles and personalities on your team, Don’t think you can manage everyone the same way, and don’t assume everyone likes to be managed the way you like to be managed.

Clarity of Communication

Always check in with the person you are communicating with that they understand what you are saying. It’s always amazing how someone can completely misinterpret a conversation or an email.

Give Feedback

Your Direct reports want feedback, and it’s crucial in making your team as productive as possible.

Say Thanks

People want to feel appreciated. A simple Thank-you, smile and direct eye contact doesn’t cost a thing and it makes a huge difference.

For further information on the Clarity4D profile and Team Heat Map, please contact us @ 085-1744378 or register for a Free clarity report.