Managing Office Politics

Managing Office Politics

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Office Politics are the strategies that people play to gain advantage, personally or for a cause they support. The term often has a negative connotation, in that it refers to strategies people use to seek advantage, at the expense of others or the greater good. In this context, it often adversely affects the working environment and relationships within it. Good Office Politics, on the other hand, help you fairly promote yourself and your cause, and is more often called Networking and Stakeholder Management.
Perhaps due to the negative connotation, many people see Office Politics as something very much to be avoided. But the truth is, to ensure your own success and that of your projects; you must navigate the minefield of Office Politics. If you deny the Bad Politics that may be going on around you, and avoid dealing with them, you may needlessly suffer whilst others take unfair advantage. And if you avoid practicing Good Politics, you miss the opportunities to properly further your own interests, and those of your team and your cause.



Our ‘Managing Office Politics Programme’ combines the use of careful and meaningful diagnostics tools, practical models and empathetic facilitation, to help individuals raise their levels of awareness around Office Politics, and build effective strategies that can be readily brought back to the real world of work. Participants gain awareness of, and sensitivity to, the behaviours that influence others, and, learn how to build and maintain trust effectively. Our team of facilitators will support and coach you in your role and growth, and development within the organisation.


What you will learn

Making Office Politics work for you:

  • Learn how to accept the reality of Office Politics
  • How to understand your core personality and manage your Emotional Intelligence, and how that can influence others in a positive way
  • Remap the organisation chart – who are the real influencers?
  • Develop strategies to deal with the political behaviours
  • Identify key stakeholders and key relationships that will support and mentor you. Build a Relationship Map using Trust and Respect
  • Identify the key behaviours that will strengthen your profile without impacting negatively on others
  • Strategies to deal with the politically powerful people in the organisation
  • Understand the informal network – learn how to build relationships with those who have the informal power
  • Make the most of your network


Who can benefit?

  • Newly appointed Managers
  • Mid-Managers
  • Female Managers
  • People who want to maximise the effectiveness and enjoyment of their careers, and achieve a feeling of fulfillment and progression.
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