Building High Performing Teams

Building High Performing Teams

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The success of organisations can be traced back to people working inter-dependently towards shared goals, put another way, to successful teams. 80% of activities in organisations involve some form of collaboration. Teams are where people learn, innovate and solve problems together, and also the place where engagement in work is either created or destroyed.

The hygiene factors of team performance are the systems, resources and skills people need to do their job, but for teams to maximise their effectiveness, they need to collaborate.


Our approach

Research suggests that the Emotional Intelligence (EI) of the team is a key determinant of team collaboration and performance. Team EI is a set of behaviours, habits and attitudes (norms) which create the conditions for teams to thrive. When teams have the right skill set and leadership, these norms make the difference between this potential being realised or not. Our approach to the creation of high performance teams ultimately aims to enhance the EI of the team. Ensuring that teams know what they are doing, feel good about doing it, are motivated to do it and work well with one another to achieve it.


Our model of Team EI is made up of two components:

Team Intelligence:

A team that is united by a shared belief and confidence (Morale) will be more motivated and engaged in whatever it is doing (Motivation) thus helping the team to perform well and achieve what it sets out to do (Effectiveness).

Interpersonal Intelligence:

Team members who positively value and respect each other (Climate) are more likely to be open and attentive towards one another (Openness), which will lead to strong and effective relationships (Collaboration).


Meeting your needs

Our team interventions are designed with your needs in mind, whether you are looking to help form a newly created team, support teams working through conflict, or to boost the energies of teams lacking engagement. Often we work at both an individual (1:1 coaching with each member of the team before) and team level (one or more two day events), to increase awareness of strengths and barriers to effectiveness. Using the Team Emotional Intelligence model as a guide, we use experiential activities and proven applied EI tools to promote sharing, understanding, giving and receiving feedback, exploration of challenges and identification of solutions.

We frequently employ our leading edge tools to raise awareness of individual differences in work, leadership and interpersonal style. All are designed to maximise collaboration and effectiveness measured through the Team Emotional Intelligence Profile, explored during the event and used to measure track performance improvement over time. The success of our work is made possible by mindset and skillset of our team facilitators. Drawing on their understanding of organisational context, culture and climate, as well as the complex world of interpersonal dynamics, they bring a powerful enabling force to maximise team effectiveness.

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