Just Lean Into It

Have you ever had a huge goal or task to complete that at the time seemed overwhelming? It may be that you are currently facing such a challenge with a…


Trust is the KEY

Building a high performing team requires a number of ingredients but if you’re looking for that team to be able to sustain that drive and enthusiasm towards a common goal,…



It’s so easy to lose touch with what’s important to us, whether that’s personally or professionally, most of us run so fast to stay on the treadmill of life that…


Life-Work Balance

On the 28th April we are taking 2 weeks out at a busy time of our year to support the Cycle Against Suicide charity in Ireland that has become really…



Before I start on the topic of change, I thought I’d just share some stats which will give you something to think about. 90% of who we are has been…


Does “POSITIVITY” really work?

If you ask the question, I guess you’d get a lot of people just saying yeah of course being positive works, it’s fairly easy to see the impact of how…


The Mirror is always right.

There’s no getting away with it, if you want the truth you will get it when you look in the mirror. Whether it’s as simple as looking at your physical…


The achilles heel of Leadership

I’ve been reading a lot over the Christmas period and reflecting on 2013 and the various opportunities I’ve had when in coaching situations with leadership teams, the reading has helped…


The Corporate Buffalo

I’ve been meaning to write about this rare breed of leader for some time and now seems to be the right time to share my thoughts about “The Corporate Buffalo”….


The Nocebo Effect

I’ve always been interested in the power of having a positive mindset and we have all seen some amazing examples of people overcoming, sometimes insurmountable odds. I’ve been aware of…