Giving Effective Feedback

Feedback can be really tough both for the giver and the receiver. If handled badly, with poor preparation and a total lack of emotional intelligence, it can do a lot…


Does the Emotional Intelligence of leaders influence the emotional climate of the organisation?

Jo Maddocks is chief psychologist, co-founder of JCA Global and author of the Emotional Intelligence Profile. In his most recent article, he has set out to find whether there is a…

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Celebrate National Workplace Wellbeing day

Today, March 31st is National Workplace Wellbeing day in Ireland and what a beautiful day for it! Hope the sun is shining wherever you are? The benefits of workplace welbeing…

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From Command and Control to Climate Control

Employee Engagement is the number 1 HR Leadership priority for 2017 (Deloitte HC report). With Brexit and the policies promised by newly elected President Trump – we are entering a…

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Why does Emotional Intelligence matter?

In the Mid 1990’s I was involved in developing and building out a sales team to sell internet services – hard as you might believe today – we had to…


How are you Feeling today?

How are you Feeling today? How often do we stop and check in with ourselves to get a sense of how we are really feeling? When you ask this question…


How do you show up?

With the hectic pace of life in the corporate world at the moment, people are zooming through each day with their focus on completing tasks on the todo list. Have…

Emotional Resillience

How to Build your Emotional Resilience

A colleague of mine recently spoke at a Finance Directors conference on the topic of Emotional Resilience. The workshop was really full and I was keen to know what was…


Leadership lessons from Cycling!

Over the last few years the Foresight team have had the honour of being involved and supporting the Cycle Against Suicide organisation. In March of this year, I had the…


How you can create a Climate that increases Employee Engagement

Recent Gallup surveys indicate that 63% of people are not engaged in their working environment – this means they are unhappy and unproductive and spreading this negativity to their colleagues….